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Charles Clark

Owner & Founder

An early riser and devoted family man, Charles Clark's passion for people is what drives this small town Louisiana boy. Clark is as equally known for his long list of culinary accolades as he is for his addictive charisma, a weapon in the kitchen and a delightful presence in the dining room. While European travels and drinking Provençal rosé are his favorite hobbies, spending time with his two daughters is what truly grounds him. His approach to cooking takes its cue from his vibrant personality - wowing guests with memorable flavors and meticulous techniques. Clark stays true to himself, claiming the best advice he has ever received is not to feel the need to follow trends. A self-proclaimed wild child growing up, Clark's enthusiasm for life persists - resulting in an unparalleled work ethic. It is no wonder Clark has made a name for himself in the Houston culinary scene and will no doubt continue to impress for years to come.